What's Engineering?

Engineering is many things!

The computer/laptop/smart phone/ipad that you are using right now to read this, was the combined effort of many software and computer science engineers. The train/car/bus/bike you ride on or in everyday, was made with the help of many mechanical engineers. The light in your room, your music player, your toaster, fridge are all powered by electricity. This comes from power plants and are distributed to your homes and maintained by electrical engineers. The construction of your school, local shopping centre, hospital, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the work of many civil engineers. There are many other disciplines: mining, chemical, environmental, photovoltaic, surveying and biomedical engineering!

Engineering is the application of science. Engineers try to come up with solutions to problems, to improve our standard of living and make our world a sustainable place to live for the present but also for future generations to come.

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