Robogals at UNSW runs a variety of workshops, which are able to be catered to a wide degree of skill and interest levels.

All of our workshops are run free of charge and are able to be run both on campus at The University of New South Wales, Kensington and dependent on your location it may be possible to run at your school. Please note that in order for the workshops to be run at your school, you will require access to appropriate number(s) of computers, as well as the relevant software (see below for further details).

They are also able to run with a mixture of full or half day workshops, dependent upon the material.

The workshops we currently have on offer are:

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to organise a workshop!

Lego Mindstorms Workshops

Robogals UNSW currently has ~10 Lego Mindstorms kits available, which can accommodate to approximately ~20 students. We recommend students to be working in pairs/ small groups to allow them the best possible opportunity to have a grasp of the content. We are able to bring these robots out to your school, however it is essential that your computers will have the appropriate software installed (note: the computers at UNSW already have this appropriate software installed). The software is available free of charge and runs on both MAC OS X and Windows, should you required further details of the software required - this can be provided to you upon contact with our schools manager.

Our Lego Mindstorms workshop uses the EV3 kits, and we have the following activities available:

  • Robot Dance, students program their robot to move to a predefined sequence ("dance routine"). In the past we have had routines such as the "hokey pokey dance".
  • Robot Search and Rescue, there is maze in which students navigate their robot through and rescue a particular object (ie. drink bottle).
  • Tarzan Mission, an activity encouraging creativity ("engineering mind") of students, where they will be provided with a variety of objects to pick up. They are required to design a robot which will be able to pick up the most amount of objects, from a start location to an end location.
These workshops can vary in duration, and are able to be customised to suit your timing constraints. We often recommend 3-4 hours as a guide, the time is able to be broken into building the robot (~1 hour), programming the robot (~2-3 hours), presenting to the class/ group (~30 minutes). 

Each workshop is presented with its own scenario, an associated novelty aspect, and students are encouraged to work collaboratively. For example, with the Dance students are encouraged to "dress up" their robot with the provided accessories such as glittery pipe cleaners.


Python workshops
Our Python workshop is able to be run both on campus at UNSW, and at your school. The computers at UNSW have the required Python development environment installed, however our labs can only fit up to 20 students. If you choose to have this workshop run at your school, please ensure that you have an adequate number of computers for the number of students, and also installation of the Python IDE.
The required Python software is available on a wide range operating systems, and our schools manager can provide you with the correct version which will be required for the workshop.

Python is a robust language and is greatly suited as an introduction to programming. We offer two versions of the workshops, running in beginner and intermediate.

The beginner workshops are suitable as a first workshops to students who have no prior experience in programming, whereas the intermediate workshop is suitable for those who have had some exposure to Python.

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